Containing clean, untouched natural

Jeju volcanic bedrock water

Good water travels, and volcanic bedrock water only takes on its character after long periods of filtering through volcanic bedrock. Water is naturally filtered through the massive volcanic bedrock on Jeju island. Impurities are removed and natural minerals are dissolved while passing through dozens of layers of basalt formed by volcanic activity, which gives it its soft and clean taste.

Jeju bamboo

The Jeju bamboo refining method not only purifies the water by adsorbing and deodorizing impurities, but also releases natural minerals for a softer liquor taste.

Rice from Jeju

We use what’s known as “Jeju rice distillate” which uses rice from Jeju grown with clean Jeju water, a warm climate, high-quality soil and fresh air.


Hallasan 21 has a clean and rich taste, which takes on a more intense aroma and truer taste when enjoyed at room temperature.


With a soft and mild taste, Hallasan 17 goes down smooth and pairs well with any kind of food. It contains bamboo leaf tea for milder hangovers and produces a clean finish.