Who are we

ATZ Global Co., Ltd. focuses on health and wellness of the people. Its portfolio includes Medical equipment brand, such as Healthmate, Top Longmax, Daiken, YK Medical and Doctor’s friend as well as foods and beverages brands including Jeju SamDaSoo, Hallasan and Damso.

ATZ’s domestic expansion has developed its geographic footprint worldwide. Our products are arriving from various origins such as: 






Product range : air purifier, etc.



Various purpose in the medical field

We are always looking for a partner with a well product design and development,

ATZ’s distribution channels are complemented by Hospitals, Pharmacies, Restaurants, and its e-commerce platforms including Shopee, Lazada, etc.

With our strong relationship with the retail brands, ATZ Global is Well positioned to serve every segment of the market with a variety or differentiation points, including the latest designer and high-performance frames, innovative lens options, advanced eye care services for eye health.

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